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May 17, 2006

US Senate, 5/16/06 wrap up; OK, we won two and lost one, more to come tomorrow.

From: Jeanne Butterfield, Director of AILA

The following two amendments were defeated:
1--Isakson amendment to delay implementation of legalization until borders are secured
2--Dorgan amendment to strike the temporary worker program from the bill

The following amendment passed:
1--Bingaman amendment reducing the temporary worker program to 200,000 per year (from 325,000) and eliminating the market-based escalator.

Tomorrow's votes will begin in the morning.

First up will be the Cornyn-Kyl-others amendment that will bar from legalization people with criminal convictions (three misdemeanors or one felony) and people with deportation/voluntary departure orders. We won significant modifications in this amendment--to include significant exceptions (for people with in absentia orders) and waivers (on hardship grounds). Since the Republican group of Senators who favor the compromise bill have signed on as co-sponsors of this amendment, it is very likely to pass.

At some point the Brownback/Lieberman amendment will be introdouced, amendment "#4020. This amendment is very significant (see attached summary). Please urge your Senators to VOTE YES on Brownback/Lieberman.

The order of amendments for the rest of the day is unclear. Many amendments have been proposed, drafted, but not filed. The attached list is some reflection of what is still pending.

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