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May 25, 2006

Senate debate on immigration reform will conclude today


Dear Colleagues:

The Senate debate on S. 2611 will conclude today, with 5 amendments slated for about 4 hours of debate starting at 9:15 tomorrow, followed by "stacked" votes on these 5 amendments by early afternoon.

The Senate dodged several serious bullets today, with defeat of a Sessions budget-related "point of order", defeat of a Chambliss amendment undermining the AgJobs provisions, and defeat of a Dorgan amendment that would have sunset the new temporary worker program in 5 years. A Gregg amendment to allocate two-thirds of diversity lottery visas to persons with advanced degrees passed. A complete summary of today's debate and votes, prepared by Danielle Polen, is attached.

The amendments up today are:

Cornyn #4097--eliminating confidentiality protections for denied legalization applicants (OPPOSE)
Bingman #4131--cutting employment-based numbers (OPPOSE)
Sessions #4108 --eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit for previously undocumented immigrants (OPPOSE)
Feingold #4083 --striking bar to stays of removal pending appeal (SUPPORT)
Ensign #4136 --denying tax refunds and credits to certain immigrants (OPPOSE)

A manager's amendment will be adopted by unanimous consent following these amendment votes. We still do not know what "fixes" will be included in the manager's amendment.

Vote on final passage will take place following all the amendment votes, sometime the middle of the afternoon.

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