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May 02, 2006

National day of unity

Yesterday in the US Hispanics and immigrant took the day off as a non-violent tactic in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. The message of the day is that we are united as a community.

During the 1960’s boycotts were used as a tactic against discrimination. This was learned from Mahatma Gandhi by Rev. James Lawson who in turn taught Martin Luther King. Gandhi encouraged the Indians to make their own salt instead of buying the taxed salt from the British. It was a crime to make salt so Gandhi marched with several hundred thousand people to the sea. He took out a spoon dipped it into the water and let the sun evaporate the water. Then he licked salt thus boycotting the purchase of salt. Rev. King came to Nashville to learn from Rev. Lawson. Rev. King took this knowledge and led the civil rights movement. I had the honor of meeting Rev. Lawson while I helped to organize the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride to Nashville. Rev. Lawson was expelled from Vanderbilt for his work. Last year Rev. Lawson was offered and accepted a position at Vanderbilt University.

Every day as an immigration lawyer I see families torn apart. I listen to the crying and suffering of husband, wives, father, mother, sons and daughters. I care as a person that families suffer from bad laws. To have a caring heart is the first step to being a democratic person. There is a saying I learned while growing up in Tennessee; broken men plow broken fields.

We have to continue working until we win on immigration reform.

Mario Ramos

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