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May 31, 2006

Letter from US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist

Here is a letter I received from Senator Bill Frist, the US Senate Majority Leader from Tennessee. This letter was sent in response to letters I have sent to Senator Frist on behalf of immigration reform;

Dear Mario,
Today I'm proud to say that the Senate has acted on an issue that bears directly on our core responsibility to make America safer by passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that puts border security first.

We’ve taken a bill that the American people would have concluded was amnesty, and we've taken out the amnesty while putting in the security.

The legislation has a six-year plan to dramatically increase the number of border patrol agents hired, trained, and deployed to the southern border. It provides substantial reinforcement to our borders and to the laws on the books. And it also provides a means for some to earn citizenship while enforcing necessary restrictions.

We passed a bill that rises to the challenge of solving the problem of illegal immigration with a comprehensive plan that balances the needs of our growing economy with our heritage as a land of immigrants.

Every nation must keep its citizens safe, and its borders secure. We shouldn’t have to choose between respect for our history and respect for our laws - and with the bill the Senate passed today, we don't have to.

Bill Frist

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