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April 25, 2006

Send a Letter Urging Your Senators to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Ask your Senators to move forward with S. 2611

The clock is ticking for immigration reform legislation. If the Senate doesn’t return to immigration reform by the end of May, it is unlikely to act on any of the bipartisan proposals during this Congress.

Although some have argued that the current stalemate is the best result we can hope for this year, we believe it is far too early and too dangerous to throw in the towel at this juncture. CIR opponents have vowed to start tacking enforcement provisions from the various bills onto "must-pass" legislation. If the Senate fails to pass a bi-partisan bill that signals its strong support for a comprehensive solution, it will weaken our ability to defeat piecemeal anti-due process amendments to appropriations bills during this election season. A polarized impasse over real reform is precisely what the restrictionists seek in order to pave the way for their "death by a thousand cuts" legislative strategy. By continuing to move the Senate debate down a comprehensive track, we can help neutralize the prospects of an enforcement-only frenzy later this year.

We are at a critical crossroads in this debate over immigration. Please send a letter to your Senators urging them to schedule Senate action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Contact your Senators now, before time runs out!

Go to Contact Congress at; http://capwiz.com/aila2/home/

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