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April 04, 2006

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Government Update

This came in on Friday from the Chamber. I have been working with AILA and the Chamber on immigration reform.

Immigration reform continued to be hotly debated all over the country this week, as the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that landed for debate on the Senate floor. The outcome of this debate will have great implications on the workforce of our country, and specifically on the economy of Middle Tennessee. The Chamber has long supported the passage of a comprehensive reform package. It is important to the business community, as our delegation told our legislators earlier this month in D.C., that the reform package, while protecting our boder security, also allow for a guest worker program.

The bill came to the Senate floor on Thursday afternoon. Sen. Frist has blocked out the rest of this week and all of next week for the debate.

In protest to the measures being debated that would increase the penalties for immigrants in the country illegally, thousands marched on Tennessee's Capitol Hill Wednesday evening.

The Chamber spoke directly to Senator Frist earlier this month, urging him to consider Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and the negative impacts on the Middle Tennessee business community should this not happen. We continue to urge Sen. Frist and other lawmakers to support immigration reform that will meet our workforce needs both at the entry level and the highly skilled ends of the spectrum and to find a way to legitimize the status of millions of hard-working immigrants already in the United States.

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