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April 29, 2006

Know Your Rights - Can an Employer Fire an Employee Because the Employee Participated in an Immigration Rally?

The law firm of Dorsey and Whitney, LLP has produced an informative pamphlet that outlines both the legal rights of employees who are terminated for attending immigration rallies and the legal rights of employers who seek to terminate employees for leaving work to participate in advocacy events. While this information is not meant to provide legal advice, it may help you educate your clients about their rights in this situation.

Recently, people from across the country missed work to participate in immigration rallies. Unfortunately, a number of these individuals lost their jobs. These recent events have many wondering whether an employer can lawfully terminate an employee for missing work to attend an immigration rally. This pamphlet provides a general overview of the law. It is not intended to provide legal advice.

Employees have the right to join together in an attempt to improve their wages, hours and other employment conditions. This right, however, does not permit employees to be late for work or to miss work. In most situations, an employer can fire an employee when the employee is absent without permission, even when the employee misses work to exercise her legal rights.

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