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April 05, 2006

Immigration Battle Could Decide GOP's Future

In The Philadelphia Inquirer there is an article by Dick Polman about the GOP;

The furor over immigration that is raging in Congress, on radio talk shows, on cable TV shoutfests, and in the conservative blogosphere is actually a high-stakes duel over the image and direction of the Republican Party.

Two powerful factions of the GOP coalition are warring openly - a clash that threatens to further imperil the party's shaky prospects for success in the November congressional elections, while exacerbating internal tensions that could reignite during the 2008 presidential primaries.

The business lobby, which pumps big bucks into the GOP, wants a new law that would enable 11 million illegal immigrants to stay here and work. But if Congress goes that route, it risks prompting millions of grass-roots conservatives (already angry at President Bush's lavish federal spending, his Dubai ports deal, and other perceived missteps) to boycott Election Day. The party can ill afford a revolt by its base, especially since most independent voters, soured by the war in Iraq, don't seem enthused about voting GOP.

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