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April 30, 2006

A Message about May 1 Events, Boycotts, Walkouts, and Strikes from AILA President Deborah Notkin

A focus of the grassroots immigration movement has started to turn towards certain events planned around the country for May 1 -- one of which is the "Great American Boycott 2006." The organizers of this event are urging, among other things, walkouts at work and schools, boycotts of products, etc. Because we have started to receive questions from the membership and coalition partners about where AILA stands on these issues, we wanted to briefly lay out the Association's position on the subject.

Obviously, we are all invigorated by the historic marches, rallies, and peaceful demonstrations throughout the country that push for comprehensive reform and the preservation/improvement/creation of due process. However, AILA, as a professional bar association, has never sponsored boycotts and believes that our goals can best be achieved through continued work, in close concert with our coalition partners, on grassroots and legislative strategies designed to bring meaningful positive immigration reform. While AILA as an organization does not use such tools as boycotts, we strongly support numerous other activities and events scheduled for May 1st and the surrounding days such as: interfaith vigils, voter registration drives, college teach-ins, town hall meetings, congressional and media contacts, and academic fora on the subject of positive immigration reform. Some of our members may be planning to participate in or support the "Great American Boycott 2006," which is of course, their right, privilege, and choice. However, those members who choose to do so should be careful not to do so in the name of AILA or any AILA chapter.

We believe that the overwhelming positive energy we have seen throughout the country in the past several weeks has created amazing opportunities to further educate the public about immigrants' rights and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. We are in the midst of an historic social movement and we want to do everything possible to maintain the positive energy generated to date to ensure tangible legislative relief for immigrants.


Deborah Notkin
AILA President

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