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March 08, 2006

To Interested Immigration Advocates

From: Maurice BelangerMaurice Belanger, Director of Public Information, National Immigration Forum
Web: http://www.immigrationforum.org

Reminder: National Call-In Day for Comprehensive Immigration Reform March 9

At the very least, you should be contacting your Senators on Thursday, March 9 about comprehensive immigration reform. Better: call your Senators and members of the Judiciary Committee throughout this week. Why?

An alert from the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform put it best:

“We need to ramp up our calls to the Senate in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Once again we are being outdone by the small, but very vocal anti-immigrant voice. With the amazing number of organizations working to advance comprehensive immigration reform we should be able to not only close the gap but surpass the anti-immigrant voice with pro-immigrant calls!!


Senate Judiciary Committee Members – Contact Info by State (this list was compiled by Legal Momentum).

Senator Feinstein’s office at 202-224-3841 fax 202-228-3954
e-mail: directly through link on feinstein.senate.gov

Senator Biden’s office at 202-224-5042 fax 202-224-0139
e-mail: directly through link on biden.senate.gov

Senator Durbin’s office at 202-224-2152 fax 202-228-0400
e-mail: directly through link on durbin.senate.gov

Senator Grassley’s office at 202-224-3744
e-mail: directly through link on grassley.senate.gov

Senator Brownback’s office at 202-224-6521 fax202-228-1265
e-mail: sam_brownback@brownback.senate.gov

Senator Kennedy’s office at 202-224-5251 fax 202-224-4543
e-mail: directly through link on kennedy.senate.gov

New York:
Senator Schumer’s office at 202-224-6542 fax 202-228-3027
e-mail: directly through link on schumer.senate.gov

Senator DeWine’s office at 202-224-2315 fax 202-224-6519
e-mail: senator_dewine@dewine.senate.gov

Senator Coburn’s office at 202-224-5754 fax 202-224-6008
e-mail: directly through link on coburn.senate.gov

Senator Specter’s office at 202-224-4254 fax 202-228-1229
e-mail: arlen_specter@specter.senate.gov

South Carolina:
Senator Graham’s office at 202-224-5972
e-mail: directly through link on graham.senate.gov

Senator Cornyn’s office at 202-224-2934 fax 202-228-2856
e-mail: directly through link on cornyn.senate.gov

Senator Hatch’s office at 202-224-5251 fax 202-224-6331
e-mail: directly through link on hatch.senate.gov

Senator Leahy’s office at 202-224-4242
e-mail: senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov

Senator Kohl’s office at 202-224-5653 fax 202-224-9787
e-mail: directly through link on kohl.senate.gov

Senator Feingold’s office at 202-224-5323
e-mail: russ_feingold@feingold.senate.gov

More Contact info for Senators can be found at:

More information will be posted on this page by tomorrow:

New on the Forum Web site (related to comprehensive immigration reform)

Editorial support keeps pouring in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. You might use one from your local paper in your communication with your Senator. See our updated compilation of editorials and op eds supporting comprehensive immigration reform and the Kennedy/McCain bill:


Our home page has links to items we mentioned last week:

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