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March 22, 2006

Senate Judiciary Committee to Continue Mark Up of Immigration Bill on Monday, March 27; Frist Refuses to Allow More Time, Introduces his Own Bill

Just in from AILA;

In hopes of bringing the controversial subject of the undocumented population to a vote in Committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee will continue marking up draft legislation by Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, known as the "Chairman's Mark," on Monday, March 27. Committee Members finally broached the subject on day five of the markup (March 16), but deferred any votes on the subject until after this week's congressional recess.

As background, Senator Frist has been threatening to bring his enforcement-heavy legislation directly to the Senate floor unless the Judiciary Committee produces a bill by March 27. Senator Frist could do this using the seldom employed "Rule 14" procedure that permits him to introduce a bill and bypass the committee process so that it goes directly to the Senate calendar. Despite requests from Chairman Specter and others to allow the Judiciary Committee's work on the bill to run its course, Senator Frist has been unwilling to back off of his deadline and introduced his own bill, the Securing America's Borders Act (S. 2454), on March 16. The Frist bill takes Chairman Specter's Mark, strips out the guestworker plan and the provisions dealing with the undocumented population and replaces them with an enforcement-heavy approach, and ads to this mix the Republican-sponsored amendments adopted thus far in the Committee's markup of the Specter Mark. View a section-by-section summary of the Frist bill prepared by Senator Frist's staff. Call Senator Frist at his office at (615) 352-9411 Nashville (202) 224-3344 Washington D.C.

There is still time to call Committee members and insist that they improve the bill! View our summaries of the markup to date including a complete listing of the amendments that have been addressed thus far (Days 1-3; Day 4; Day 5). Even if your Senators are not on the Judiciary Committee, please call them today and urge them to support comprehensive immigration reform! All Senators need to hear from pro-immigration advocates in anticipation of the fast-approaching floor debate.

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