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January 18, 2006

ID Card Planned for the Borders

In the New York Times,there is an article about the need for id cards for U.S. citizens. I have seen a trend over the last 18 years as an immigration attorney to apply immigration laws to everyone, i.e. including U.S. citizens. The anti-immigration activist have been successful in extending immigration law to cover U.S. citizens. Here is the article By Paul Richter, Times Staff Writer, "U.S. officials announced Tuesday they would start issuing a special identification card this year that would allow Americans who frequently traveled to Mexico or Canada to continue crossing the border without a passport.

Citing security concerns, the government said last spring that as of 2008 travelers would be required to show passports when they reentered the country from Mexico and Canada. Business and travel groups and residents of border communities objected, saying the plan could snarl traffic and discourage casual travel".

For more go to; http://email.latimes.com/cgi-bin1/DM/y/exaD0KMvyp0G2B0HDrY0ET

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