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January 29, 2006

Global Outbound Module is ready to go

My website Global Outbound System is ready to help you access my immigration needs worldwide! We can now effectively manage your global immigration needs within my website system.

Our Global Outbound features provide enhanced security features, accessibility to you and outbound case management – far superior to any other product on the market.

Worldwide Control and Security
*Provide secure worldwide access and transfer of data between you, overseas counsels, and our office, utilizing SSL-encryption technology that is backed by the same server technology used by the US Army–immune to Windows-based worms and viruses.

Customize by Country
*Customize workflow fields, activities, to-do lists and reminders by process for each country, enabling effective management and reporting.

*Track, store and report on all international forms, documents and communications including emails, letters and telephone calls, as well as on multiple visas and passports in each individual client’s and/or corporation’s file.

Professional Online Interfaces for you available 24/7
*Give HR managers the options to create new foreign national employees and/or initiate a new process for an employee from within the HR interface.

*Create customized HR reports by country and process that automatically update themselves and are easily accessible through the corporate HR interfaces worldwide, 24/7.

Effective Management and Overview of all Outbound Cases
*Create divisions and reports within our firm’s step to track outbound immigration cases by employer, country, process and expiration dates, utilizing a robust, customizable reports generator.
*Address book/contact manager allows us to attach outside counsel names and information to outbound individual clients.

Our system's knowledge base can include an unlimited number of specific country-by-country processes, including required documents and interim work-flow steps, defining and linking government and agency contact information, and establishing a list of reliable co-counsel and experts.

With robust customizable features, reports, and security privileges, my website allows effective and secure management of your case and coordinate with local co-counsel – all while meeting your high profile needs.

Best regards,

Mario Ramos

Posted by VisaLawyer at January 29, 2006 10:59 AM


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