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December 17, 2005

Sensenbrenner Bill Passes, H-1B/EB Provisions Stripped

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 05121612 (posted Dec. 16, 2005)"
The Sensenbrenner bill passed tonight in the House by a vote of 239 to 182. 17 Republicans voted "NO" on final passage, but 36 Democrats voted "YES" on final passage. The vote record for individual Representatives will be posted as soon as it has been made available. Please refer to Contact Congress in order to send a letter to your Representative either thanking them for their vote, or expressing your dismay at their vote! The bill is loaded with several damaging amendments, including elimination of the DV lottery. We will post a full summary of the amendments to InfoNet on Monday. Our work to keep these provisions out of any Senate bill will continue as the Senate begins its own immigration debate in February or March 2006.

The budget reconciliation bill is expected to be passed in both the House and Senate on Sunday. The immigration provisions were stripped out of the bill as part of the last-minute negotiations and decisions by House leadership to assure passage of a final bill in the House. Please contact your client companies who signed on to the many letters of support for the H-1B and EB provisions that were sent to the Hill over these past several weeks, and ask them to express their outrage and dismay to their Representatives.

We will continue to look for new vehicles for the H-1B and EB retrogression relief provisions when Congress reconvenes in January. Thanks for your great work on these issues...we are very sorry we cannot report success!

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