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November 03, 2005

State farmers lose workers, profits to border sweeps

This article talks about the need for immigration reform to help American farm owners;

Arizona Republic by Susan Carroll, Republic Tucson Bureau, Nov. 3, 2005; "PEARCE - Ed Curry stood in his chile fields on a Saturday morning in October, his crop three weeks behind schedule for harvest. He had a crew of 40 workers in the field to the south, filling bucket after bucket with ripe red chiles.

In front of him, Curry had two U.S. Border Patrol agents, young guys, who had tracked footprints onto his farm and came up on five of his workers at the edge of the field. The agents were getting ready to take them away, back to Mexico.

Curry, a silver-haired, third-generation farmer, was in a tough spot, and he knew it.

Like scores of farmers and growers across the country, and particularly along the Southwestern border, he is confronting the worst worker shortage in recent memory. With the winter vegetable harvest less than a month away, industry leaders are warning of potential losses of millions of dollars in Arizona alone and are desperate to strike an accord with immigration officials to get workers into their fields and the produce into markets".

You can find the rest of the article at; www.azcentral.com

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