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November 09, 2005

Sample Letter from Business to Congress in Support of H-1B and Retrogression Relief

This sample letter is from AILA;



Dear Senator/Representative ________:

[NAME OF COMPANY] has signed on to a letter with more than 600 other companies and universities asking Congress to immediately address an escalating crisis: multi-year immigrant visa backlogs and an H-1B visa "blackout." The Senate Judiciary Committee's bipartisan budget reconciliation package offers a viable solution to both of these problems and was affirmed by an overwhelming 85-14 vote on the Senate floor. We urge you to give the Senate proposal your strong support and oppose any attempts to weaken the relief it provides to U.S. businesses and educational institutions during House and Senate Conference negotiations.

Enabling U.S. employers to access the best and brightest global talent is a policy that cannot wait. While other nations have stepped up their efforts to develop and attract global talent, the United States has started to lag behind. For the second straight year, U.S. employers are confronted with a year-long blackout on access to this talent pool. As other countries start to win the battle for these individuals, the talent will migrate to companies abroad, and the work will be performed largely outside the United States, to the detriment of our economy.

We strongly believe that the United States must do more to cultivate domestic talent, but that is a long-term effort. To remain competitive today, American companies need access to highly educated individuals in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If the U.S. fails to provide adequate visas for individuals who create additional jobs in the United States, it severely undermines our ability to compete on the global stage.

The Senate's budget reconciliation package provides relief from this crisis by mitigating the impact of the visa backlogs and H-1B blackout. It would provide for expanded access to employment-based immigrant visas and H-1B visas through the recapture and reallocation of unused numbers from prior years. In exchange for the expanded access, the proposal would impose new fees on employment-based immigrant visas, on the recaptured H-1B nonimmigrant visa numbers, and on L-1 visas. Although escalating fees remain a serious concern, we understand that this proposal represents a compromise that serves the demands of budget reconciliation and the needs of U.S. employers.

We urge your strong commitment to preserving the Senate Judiciary's provisions in the final budget reconciliation package.



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