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November 26, 2005

Dear all my clients;

I am wishing you happy holidays: As your attorney, I am not just committed to helping you with your immigration case, but future immigrants’ as well. And the future laws of immigration are being shaped by our congress. Next to being an attorney, I am also an activist, trying to influence Congress to help make the paths of future immigrants a little easier. But I cannot do it alone. I need your help.

Now is a critical time for your Representatives to hear your views on the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), and I urge you to go to my website (or: to www.aila.org), click on "contact congress" and send a message to your representative that you support COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM.

Marginal restrictionist organizations like the Minutemen, FAIR, and NUMBERS USA are vocally supporting enforcement-only legislation. Their hateful rhetoric and fallacious mischaracterization of undocumented workers is drowning out every reasonable voice in Washington, DC. If we don't speak up and start educating our Representatives, they will respond to and accommodate the only voices they can hear--the restrictionists. We need to remind Congress that an enforcement-only approach will not fix our broken immigration system. We need a comprehensive solution to this problem. This is our message and we need to communicate it consistently, effectively, and rationally to policy makers.

I strongly urge you to participate in these strategic activities. I do not want to see the congressional immigration debate start and end with enforcement-only tactics. I do not want the restrictionists' hateful rhetoric to drown out my voice of reason.

Please, join me and speak up for Comprehensive Immigration Reform before it's too late.
Yours Sincerely,

Mario Ramos

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