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October 26, 2005

Message to clients who did sign the H-1B letter

Dear Client,

Thank you for signing the letter to Congress calling for increased access to H-1B visas. Due in no small part to your efforts and those of the nearly 500 other companies who signed that letter, the Senate Judiciary Committee has passed a proposal to provide temporary relief from the H-1B visa blackout and the employment-based immigrant visa backlogs in exchange for increased fees on some petitions.

But the fight is not over! This measure, part of the budget reconciliation process, still must pass the full Senate and then be reconciled with the House’s alternative proposal, which imposes a $1,500 fee increase on L visas.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association is organizing a sign-on letter for U.S. companies to urge key Members of the House and Senate involved in reconciling these bills to support the Senate proposal.

As you know, there are no H visa numbers available until October 1, 2006. The visa cap was filled on August 10, 2005, 14 months before the end of the next fiscal year. Moreover, the backlog on employment-based green cards will prevent your employees from obtaining green cards for the foreseeable future. Lending your entity’s name to the attached letter would significantly improve the prospects of the Senate Judiciary proposal becoming law. Only your company’s name, city, and state need appear on the letter. Individual responsible persons need not be named.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether your company is willing to sign on to the letter. The Senate could vote on this measure next week, and the House and Senate could meet to reconcile the different approaches within the next two weeks. Congress needs to hear from you now! Thank you in advance for your help on this critical issue!

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