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September 11, 2005

FAQ; Is H-1B and H1 the same?

Free Question: Is H-1B and H1 the same? I have heard that the H1 cap for this year is full and that we need to apply only next year. I do not have a job in the US currently, how can I go about the process of acquiring the H1? There are consultancies that promise to process your H1 and then get you a job. Is there any consultancy in Singapore that can help. I am a software consultant with 5 years of IT experience.

Free Answer: The H-1B1 is the work visa for persons such as you from Singapore. There are still H-1B1 visas available for Singapore citizens. First you need a job offer to work in the U.S. Our office will work with you and your employer inside or outside the U.S. My office can process your H-1B1 visa application within 72 hours of receipt of all information. After receiving your H-1B1 my immigration team will help with your lawful permanent residency/green card. Look for a job related to your degree or area of work. Here are various U.S. job websites; http://www.webjobsusa.com/ http://www.job-hunt.org; http://www.monster.com; http:/www.dice.com; http://whohasjobs.com; http://www.latpro.com; http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/; http://www.nashvillechamber.com/

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