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August 26, 2005

Sample Letter to Congress from Business on the H-1B Cap

Please fill out and send this letter to Congress;


The Honorable____________
United States Capitol
Washington, DC __________

Dear Congressman/Senator ____________:

The FY 2006 H-1B cap has been exhausted even before the start of the upcoming fiscal year. As a result, American companies are now banned for fourteen months from hiring any new highly educated foreign professionals. I urge you to address this crisis as soon as possible on behalf of [insert company name here], American employers, and the American economy. Congress should not remain silent in the face of this unprecedented H-1B blackout.

H-1B professionals work on key job-creating projects and provide critical expertise in our company and in American companies nationwide. Cutting off access to these professionals will only dull our nation’s competitive edge and strengthen our foreign competition.

[Optional additional paragraph: Insert description of your company, note any operations in the member’s district and explain how H-1B professionals supplement your US workforce and enable you to expand operations and hiring in the United States.]

[Optional additional paragraph: You may also want to describe your company’s recruiting efforts, explaining the pool of candidates you see and how you determine whether to sponsor a foreign national. Explain how hitting the cap will affect your company’s operations.]

Until the U.S. education system provides an adequate supply of Americans with the necessary skills— particularly in important areas such as math, science and engineering— the H-1B program is needed to help keep our company competitive and keeps jobs in America.

H-1B workers are a small but extremely important part of our company’s workforce, and [insert company name here] strongly urges you to support efforts that would ensure continued access to these talented professionals.

If I can provide more assistance, please contact me at _____________.


[Your name here]

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