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August 21, 2005

H-1B looming crisis

CIS has predicted that only a small number of H-1B visas remain for FY 2006. There are still visas for exempt categories. For a complete list of exempt H-1's read my prior entries in my blog. I have done a lot of lobbying in the past. Now it is time to use the web to its full powers to lobby on behalf of immigration reform. I am looking for persons who have web based skills to launch immigration reform. This work is for the good of the cause. The right to work and travel should not be restricted. The idea of the commons should extend to this right. This effort is without pay as I am volunteering my time to help. So if you want to help send me a comment or an e-mail. I am not looking to use traditional methods to bring about reform. We should use tools which are new or are being developed. This effort should have no leader but rather a group of leaders. Let's try to accomplish what they cannot be done. This will be the fun part.

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