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June 08, 2005


Free Question: hi i am from pakistan, my wife is a U.S. citizen.i married with her in march 2002 in pakitan.then she filed my immigrant visa here in Islamabad USA embassy.after 1 year embassy denied my visa because i misrepresented work expeience letter in 1998 under the lotery visa.then i filed the the waiver in july 2003 again they denied the visa cause of above i mentioned and extreme hard ship letter from my wife.then i filed the appeal in july 2004 they denied agin cause of that hard ship and misrepresentation.now my wife wants to file k3 visa under these circumstances.can she file this.if she can file pls tell me the way.
Free Answer: You may need to file for a waiver for your immigration case. To determine which waiver may help you I need to be hired and see an entire copy of you file. Without seeing a copy of your file I am not able to answer if you are able to receive a waiver to enter the U.S. either as an immigrant based on marriage or a non-immigrant not based on marriage.
Note; this question demonstrates the necessity of hiring an immigration attorney prior to applying for immigration benifits. It may be possible to correct these errors however it involves more work and the immigrants suffer the consequences of denied applications.

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