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June 24, 2005

FAQ; 221g interview will delay H-1B, H-4 issuances & L visa

Free Question: Hi, I went for H1B stamping in the month of April, 2005 to U.S. consulate. They gave me 221g asking for additional documents. I gave the required documents the second time. But again they gave me 221g telling that our case requires additional administrative processing. How long will it take? Is there anything to worry? How can I know the status? Whom should I contact to know the status?

Free Answer; a 221g interview will delay H-1 and H-4 issuances for months; another 221g will start this procedure over again with a second delay. A 221g is used to indicate that some documents are missing. If you received a 221g when applying for an H or L visa the 221g generally indicates that the consular officer believes that the application should be revoked. To overcome this presumption you must make a concerted effort to overcome the doubt in the consular officer’s mind that the visa can be issued

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