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May 14, 2005

Immigration reform (SAOIA), Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act

Last week saw the presentment of a joint petition to seek reform of the broken immigration system to bring security to our borders, allow legalization of essential workers, families to be reunited, work authorization and a road to lawful permanent residency. Without reform our immigration system will continue to leak like an old garden hose. You have to waste a lot of water to water your garden. Today I was asked what are chances for immigration reform. The answer depends on us who seek to bring about passage of immigration reform. We have to expand our network. Use our minds to bring about physical action. A grassroots campaign can be waged using the strenght of the web by creating an immigrant conversation through out America . Howard Dean's model of an American conversation bringing thought to action of meetup.com should be followed. These campaigns require decentralized tactics to have greater effect. By motivating people there is more effect.

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