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April 15, 2005

Radio interview with Radio ACCIR covering 6 states in Mexico

At 7:00 a.m. I met with Alejandro Solis and Jose Gonzalez to do a radio interview that will be broadcast in central Mexico. We discussed the viligantes who staged a media event in Douglas, AZ. They turned out 200 members of the press for a quote "volunteer evevnt". I have been involved in many events and to turn out 200 press members takes a media public relations effort to similar to a presidential campaign. Jack Brown, pastor joined us for the interview. The hosts from ACCIR were Linet Rubio &

Jose Meza. We talked about with Juan Jose Delgado, with the Mexican Department of Foreign Relations. There is a tremenous amount of concern over the actions of the "minute men" who only were able to achieve 20% turnout of their states goal of 1,000. There are millions of Americans who support comprehensive immigration reform.

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