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March 17, 2005

Lobbying Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

Next our group went to the office of Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn. There we had a photo with Mrs. Blackburn as she could not stay to discuss issues because she was on the way to vote. We met with Michael Platt, Lesgislative Director and Rodnet Bacigalupo, Legislative Assistant. Greg and Tom focused their comments on modifying AC21 to allow roll over of unused numbers. Ed discussed the impact of the harsh immigration laws on his clients. I spoke of how immigrants want to serve in the US military. The current shortage of recruits in the National Guard and Armed Forces could be filled from immigrants who want to serve to protect our country. Back in the Vietnam war my uncle Hernando Ramos gained his lawful permanent residency by joining the US army. He was doctor trained as a plastic suregon and he operated on numerous injured soliders and the wives of officers who needed nose jobs. I have been told that when you are in war the immigrattion status of your fellow soldier is the least of your worries. Our country has a long history of immigrants serving in the military. Her staff was polite and reaffirmed her position of which we were aware that Congresswoman Blackburn had rejected President Bush' immigration reform proposal. We understood that more work needs to be done to reach a common ground with her on immigration issues.

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