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March 27, 2005

Immigrant workers support US troops in Iraq

Toady I read an article from the Los Angeles Times which describs how the US Army uses immigrant workers to help support the troops. There are no visa restrictions on the use of immigrants used by the US armed forces. These jobs are paid for by the US taxpayers. If the US armed forces were subject to the same restrictions that private employers and families are subject to in the US they would have a hard time completing their mission. Here is quote from the article by David Zucchino at www.latimes.com "Every need — food, laundry, maid service — is attended to by a legion of workers from non-Muslim nations, mostly Indians, Filipinos and Nepalese. They are a chipper, efficient lot who, combined with soldiers from places like El Salvador and Estonia, give the fob the breezy, cosmopolitan feel of a misplaced Olympic Village".

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