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February 11, 2005

Bush on immigration reform & Contact Congress

To keep this country competitive, we've got to change our outdated immigration laws. This economy will be stronger and our nation will be more secure by having a rational system when it comes to immigration. This country ought to say, "If you're a willing worker and an employer can't find an American, we ought to match him up for a period of time." This is a guest worker program that will bring sense to border policy and employment policy in the United States of America, and at the same time, treat people with dignity.
President Bush, February 8, Detroit Economic Club

There is an effective tool you can use to send letters supporting immigration reform to your Senators, Representatives, and the White House, as well as to the local media. You can find this important tool on AILA’s public site, AILA.org, both of which contain a link to Contact Congress/Media. On both sites, this service is located on the lower right hand side of the homepage. For your convenience, the direct InfoNet link is: http://capwiz.com/aila2/home/

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