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February 26, 2005

Contact Congress

It's that time of year again. We hope to see you in Washington, D.C. for AILA's annual Lobby Day on March 17. You know how important Lobby Day is and how much you can make a difference! We also hope that you will contact your Member of Congress through our Contact Congress service (located on InfoNet) or by phone on March 15. (The Congressional Switchboard number is 202-224-3121.)

Given the issues before us and the growing presence of anti-immigration groups, this upcoming Lobby Day needs to be the best attended AILA Lobby Day ever. For that to happen, we need YOU! If you want to go to Washington D.C. to accompany me or an immigration attorney from your state contact me.
To contact Congress go to;

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February 25, 2005


I am writing a FAQ on PERM to explain this PERM. The FAQ should be ready by Monday the 28th of February, 2005. There is a lack of information on PERM. The information I have found so far is either very technical. My FAQ should help to explain in plain English what PERM is and how it will work.

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February 24, 2005

Lobby Day in Congress

On March the 17, 2005 the American Immigration Lawyers Association will be lobbying in the U.S. Congress on behalf of immigration issues. I will go to lobby the offices of Senators Bill Frist and Lamar Alexander and Congressman Jim Cooper of Tennessee. If you know an immigration attorney ask them if they are planning on going. This will be my third year of lobbying Congress. If the attorney needs more information ask them to contact me.


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February 15, 2005

H-2B work visa question

Your question was: is there a H-2B VISA?, AND WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET IT?I HAVE A SPONSOR I MEAN A PERSON WHO CAN HIRE ME IN CA. HE SAY HE WOULD DO WHAT IS NECESARY TO HELP ME, HE HAS A CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AND I HAVE A LOT OF EXPERIENCE IN CONSTRUCTION AREA I am living in Califonia now. I have a degree in Biology and worked for 12 years as a teacher in Mexico until December 2001.

Answer; To sponsor you for a work visa you must have valid visa status or be able to use a prior application. To qualify for a labor certification you need to show 2 years prior experience at that job. However you may not use the experience you gained with the employer who files for you.

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February 14, 2005

Valentine Day Advice

To bring your love ones to the U.S. or to get them a visa within the U.S. you need to file for them. Before you file make sure that they are able to receive a visa. Do they have any prior arrests, orders of deportation? There are ways to obtain visas even if they have these obstacles. Make a decision but make it a good one.
Happy Valetine Day!

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February 13, 2005

Marriage visa question

Your question was:
I would like to ask, if I marry a girl from Mexico who lives and works in the US will she gain citizenship? If so how long will it take for her?

Yes, you may marry and apply for your girlfriend from Mexico. The time it takes for her to become a US citizen depends on where you live. Every immigration office handles cases at a different speeds. To apply for her U.S. citizenship first she has to receive permanent residency status. Prior to apply we need to determine her method of entry to the U.S., visa status and has she ever been arrested?

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February 12, 2005

Spain offering amnesty to nearly 1 million illegal immigrants

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's government said the amnesty -- under which qualifying illegal aliens will get residency and work permits -- will allow it to manage migration better, cracking down harder on those already living in Spain illegally as well as on those trying to get in.

Immigration around the World:
Britain, Spain Diverge On Illegal Immigrants (Washington Times)

Spain's program is a great example on how to control its immigration policy as opposed to leaving the system out of control.

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February 11, 2005

Bush on immigration reform & Contact Congress

To keep this country competitive, we've got to change our outdated immigration laws. This economy will be stronger and our nation will be more secure by having a rational system when it comes to immigration. This country ought to say, "If you're a willing worker and an employer can't find an American, we ought to match him up for a period of time." This is a guest worker program that will bring sense to border policy and employment policy in the United States of America, and at the same time, treat people with dignity.
President Bush, February 8, Detroit Economic Club

There is an effective tool you can use to send letters supporting immigration reform to your Senators, Representatives, and the White House, as well as to the local media. You can find this important tool on AILA’s public site, AILA.org, both of which contain a link to Contact Congress/Media. On both sites, this service is located on the lower right hand side of the homepage. For your convenience, the direct InfoNet link is: http://capwiz.com/aila2/home/

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