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January 17, 2005

Investment visa

Free Question: I am a 33 year old white male Canadian Citizen. I am single with no children and a businessman with a net worth of about 1.75 million dollars. I would like to move to the US but would only do so if I could obtain citizenship. I would be investing and probably starting a business upon my arrival. What is the process for obtaining US citizenship given my situation and how long a process is it? My grandparents (now deceased) were American Citizens if that helps at all. Thank you.

Under the U.S. investment treaty you may apply for an E investment visa. Immigration can approve your case within two weeks of applying. After receiving investor status we will help you apply to become a permanent resident. After being a permanent resident for four years and nine months we can apply for your U.S. citizenship. Becoming a U.S. citizen guarantees your right to remain in the U.S. Unfortunately because your grandparents are deceased you do not acquire any immigration status.

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